“Hi! I’m pleased you stopped by and invite you into a world of climate fiction, where the outcomes can affect the planet on which we live.”

Richard FriedmanAuthor Richard Friedman lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Richard’s novels are ecological thrillers, crafted from his admiration of great science fiction writers and concern for the continuing abuse of our environment.

Member of the Climate Reality Project

I was invited to attend the Climate Reality Leadership Training conference in Pittsburgh, in October of 2017. I spent three days with Al Gore and a brilliant group of scientists. They taught the other 1,399 attendees and me about the perils of climate change and global warming. I am one of the thousands of people around the globe known as a Climate Reality Leader. You can link to their website here. https://www.climaterealityproject.org/

The first, Escape to Canamith, released in mid-2013. And now, the eagerly awaited release of his second novel

Two-Worlds-Billy-CallahanThe Two Worlds of Billy Callahan

As 12-year old Billy Callahan excavates the Negev Desert with his father, an earthquake sends Billy sprawling into a crevasse, where he touches a metallic orb, left here by the original inhabitants of Earth millions of years ago.

The orb vanishes during his rescue, concealing the evidence that could verify his incredible story. The orb sends Billy into a 50-year coma. He witnesses the first Earthlings destroy the environment and fight devastating wars before leaving Earth in shambles.

The aliens release Billy and task him to convince the modern-day world that we must avoid repeating their mistakes or life on earth will perish. CLICK HERE TO MAKE IT YOURS!

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