Escape-to-CanamithReviews of Escape to Canamith

on August 19, 2015

This book is action packed from start to finish, and entwines an eco-thriller theme that will keep you turning the pages and wondering what happens to the characters and Earth.

When Lila Jenkins turns to science to explain what’s wrong with everything, but her father Rex Templeton turns for answers to prophecy, the opposite views prove interesting and lead to adventures. I liked the set-up of this father and daughter duelling ideology and became stuck in with the plot until the end. The author is really talented at keeping the pace moving and positioning the characters at the heart of the tale. You won’t be bored!

Foreboding and prophetic, this book delivers warning about future consequences for our planet if current signs of climate change and environmental destruction are not heeded. Falling into a new category of literature called cli-fi, this book fulfils the genre’s mission of depicting climate change in fiction. Fiction is a terrific tool to explore the what-if scenarios that may transpire in the long distant future if we don’t take care of our environment and this book does the genre justice.

Applause for the author for devoting time, imagination and energy for writing this worthy and enjoyable book.

on May 20, 2015
It’s been two weeks since I finished reading Escape to Canamith and the story and characters are still resonating with me. From the beginning billy goat bite, the story takes off and never stops. The characters are very compelling with deep wants that slowly get exposed. Stephen King says there is no plot, only narration, dialogue, and description. Hats off to Friedman whose powerful plot emerges as a result of these three things. This is a chilling tale that shows us where we are going if we don’t wake up soon and face reality. I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to anyone interested in sci-fi, eco-fi, or in just plain ole good storytelling.
on July 5, 2014

Rex Templeton, the guy in charge, has to protect his people. His daughter thinks she can figure out why the world is going down the tubes using her scientific reasoning. I won’t tell you who is right, but like that commercial from my youth, “It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature!” There are things I see in the news every week that make me think we’re not too away from the author’s view of the world. We have made quite a mess of the place. I thought I had the ending all figured out, and then I read last few pages, and I was like “Oh, so that’s what going on!” It reminded me of the “Twilight Zone”. Nice quick read for those into this type of story.

I met the author at the New York City Green Festival in April. He signed my copy. I guess if he ever gets famous I’ll have something special.

on September 25, 2013
I have just finished reading my favorite book of the year, Richard Friedman’s “Escape to Canamith.” This well-written story pits mankind against insects, animals and the planet as Mother Nature rebels against her human inhabitants. It’s hard to believe this is Richard Friedman’s debut novel. You don’t have to be a sci-fi fan to enjoy this eco-thriller; this is a great book for everyone. I highly recommend it!
on September 19, 2013
This book is amazing! Keeps you guessing and wanting to read more. Love it!!! Hope there will be more to come 🙂
on August 21, 2013
Does it seem that the world is going mad? Increasing reports of shark attacks, bears gone amok, bees chasing people while madly stinging, fires out of control in the West while the South is drenched in endless floods are but a few of the contemporary headlines brought to mind in this gripping eco-thriller. The insanity of humanity’s treatment of the planet and each other is captured with grace, humor (yes, he’s not afraid to use it)and classic plotting to compel one to turn the page and keep reading, no matter how late the hour. The characters stay with you long after the book is finished. And the urgency of our need to address the state of the environment should motivate many of us to stop reading for a moment and go out and do something to end the cycle of deforestation, species extinction, as well as the continued use of outdated fossil fuels that daily degrade our air and water. This is a book that deserves a wide audience, discussion groups and debate. I can easily foresee a sequel or two as we wait to learn more of the lives of our intrepid protagonists. This book is very well done!
on August 4, 2013

Really entertaining and captivating book, the story itself is very original and unique compared to most other thrillers out there. It’s not often that I have came across a book with heavy emphasis on the environment and ecological factors. This brings me to another factor that stood out to me about this book: the book itself is suspenseful and written very well- but what really stood out to me was the underlying theme about how humans negatively effect the environment. The story tells of how mankind is ruining the environment faster than we can find ways to complete it, the author shows some emphasis on how we must stop polluting the earth, water, and air around us. I thought this was a really cool and unique twist to incorporate into a thriller.

That brings me now onto the twists and turns, the main thing for me that makes thrillers so good. There are plenty of them in here and if you’re a fan of always wondering what’s going to happen next then you will be satisfied with this story, I don’t want to spoil too much but I will end this review stating that there is a big plot twist at the end that any thriller fan will love.

on August 1, 2013

Rating: 9.0/10.0

Review: Author Richard Friedman definitely pays attention to details. Writing a sci-fi book requires a special type of detail, that if left out can make someone mis-understand the book or be confused about the plot. Friedman went above and beyond with details and scenery. I’m a huge fan of painting a scene like an artist would do for a sculpture or any kind of art. Friedman took his story and turned it into a painting. I love how he took real concerns in modern day society, ecosystem, and turned it into an amazing piece of work. I would recommend this to any Sci-Fi fan!

on July 29, 2013
Escaping into the village of Canamith took me away. This is a well thought out story and plot and had valuable amounts of detail, character development and creativity. The settings of the visuals in the story were so vivid and the dialogue was sharp. Professor Lila Jenkins, working for the government, believes scientific reasoning will provide the explanation for everything while her father, Rex Templeton believes the end of mankind is about to take place, but when she escapes, he’s left to deal with trying to get her back home. The adventure mixed with science fiction and fantasy gave me a great feeling and with a few twists and turns, this book was an exceptional tale of heroism, the bond of family and the will to survive. Fabulous story, well worth the price.