About the Books

Escape-to-CanamithEscape to Canamith

The planet is rebelling. Mother Nature is angry. All forms of life are attacking humans and threatening the food and water supply.

Professor Lila Jenkins, working for the government’s task force, believes scientific reasoning will explain everything. Her father, Rex Templeton, Chief Elder of the isolated citizens of Canamith, is convinced that the two-thousand-year-old prophecy is coming true; the end of mankind. Lila fled Canamith years ago to pursue a teaching career. Was she justified, or was it the biggest mistake of her life?

While Lila frantically searches for answers, Templeton’s followers are preparing to seal the door on a myriad of tunnels within the Mountains of Canamith to provide a haven from the devastation…

Two-Worlds-Billy-CallahanThe Two Worlds of Billy Callahan

As 12-year old Billy Callahan excavates the Negev Desert with his father, an earthquake sends Billy sprawling into a crevasse, where he touches a metallic orb, left here by the original inhabitants of Earth millions of years ago.

The orb vanishes during his rescue, concealing the evidence that could verify his incredible story. The orb sends Billy into a 50-year coma. He witnesses the first Earthlings destroy the environment and fight devastating wars before leaving Earth in shambles.

The aliens release Billy and task him to convince the modern-day world that we must avoid repeating their mistakes or life on earth will perish.





A Climate Carol and Other Cli-Fi Short Stories by [Friedman, Richard]

Climate fiction author Richard Friedman takes the reader on a journey from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to the edges of the universe with his collection of short stories.

A narcissistic east coast billionaire receives a visit from three ghosts in a contemporary spin of a timeless classic. Judgment Day asks, is humanity worth saving?  A family takes a tour through the Grand Museum of the Universe in The Docent and the crew of the space shuttle witnesses a nuclear holocaust in The World Burns Below.

Enjoy these and more stories of global warming, hope, redemption, and a little humor, too.

Richard is donating part of the proceeds from sales of this book to The Climate Reality Project.