A Sustainable Ecosphere Without Pollution

An Ecosphere has everything I need.

Where can I find such a wonderful place and is there room for my family?

I’m buying my own pollution free world and it looks like this.


In simple terms, algae take in the light and make oxygen. The Shrimp eat the Algae. Bacteria break down the shrimp poop and supply food for the algae. Repeat.  Each part of ecosystem relies on each other for life.

There are four shrimp in my world, the the proper amount to sustain this ecosystem. If I added twenty more shrimp without increasing the size of the container, a few of our little buddies would die.

If I opened the container and added a steady stream of greenhouse gases, that would be a problem.  It would be a disaster If I poured chemical waste into the water.  How many people would buy a product with dying shrimp, poisoned water, and cloudy air? It would be time to close the factory and search for Pokemon.

This is exactly what we’ve done with our own ecosystem called Earth. We cut down trees. We dump poison in the ground and water, send pollution skyward hoping the bad stuff will magically slip out into space, but the clean air will stay. We allow companies to put plastic into the oceans. Somebody must think there’s an ocean creature that eats plastic.  The oceans are so big we can dump stuff in there forever. Oops, I guess we were wrong!

If we treated Earth like my four shrimp we’d be okay. I know shrimp don’t go to movies, or have jobs, or need money to send their kids to college, but the concept is easy to relate to. Parents say the same thing to their children every day, “Clean up your room!” Why can’t we keep our planet clean? We need Mother Earth to step in and give us a hand. I’m afraid her methods will be harsh. Can you say extinction?

Congrats! I’m making you captain of your own alien spacecraft. Your task is to journey through the universe searching for intelligent life.

You travel to the Milky Way and head towards a planet, the third one from the star. It looks like the biggest ecosphere you’ve ever seen. From a distance, it’s magnificent! You move in closer for a better look. Instead of 4 shrimp, you see 7 billion people. Your chief science officer tells you about the intricate balance of life on this new world.

You sense a problem. Something is wrong. The air is dirty. As is the ground and the water. The planet is warming up, a potential disaster for the millions that live along the coastlines.  People on Earth inexplicably choose to power their world by digging up fossil fuels from the ground instead of harnessing the power of the sun and the wind, two natural, forever renewable power sources that remain mostly untapped. They are on a path of self-destruction. You decide to pass on visiting this world and keep searching for a planet with intelligent life.